« L » is a complete artist. Singer, songwriter, composer, painter, director and photographer.

Self-taught, from the age of 6 she devotes herself passionately to music and singing. Painting, dance, theater and cinema are an integral part of his universe.

Born in Rabat, Morocco, it was in Switzerland that she grew up and continued her studies.

Loubna Sorroche El idrissi Ben Mekki, descendant of the Idrissides dynasty (Idriss 1st king of Morocco and husband of Berber queen Kenza), « L » draws its inspiration from the mystique and songs of his lineage and much more widely. She thus merges electro, pop, new wave, rock, dance, soul, urban sounds, with colors coming from her Sufi heart.

Over a life of exaggerated curves made up of encounters and changes of course, it was in Geneva that she forged an experience in journalism, presentation, animation and directing by joining a television channel. She thus brings musical ideas in her suitcase, notably by creating a musical television pilot with the director of the channel, in order to help other local artists. Collaborating among others, on political, sports and cultural programs.

Engaged by mountains and valleys, she then wears a duet with rapper Osir the title “Child of oblivion” which they represent together during the 20 years of the conventions of the rights of the child for the United Nations. Thanks to this title, she also contributes to highlighting the association Because I’m Girl and their partner fighting against violence against children as an example, excision. Having always been driven by the beauty of film musical compositions, « L » produces with Claude Lander, the music for the film “Samarkand” by director Christophe Arnould.

She has worked with Georges de Angelis, producer, engineer in London (Tina Turner, Kylie Minogue, Donna Summer) with whom she has produced three titles which have traveled to more than eighty nine countries around the world. As well as with Yorgos Bernardos (Jenifer, Le Roi Soleil), producer Dove Attias, lyricists Christian Vié, and Lionel Florence (Calogero, Jane Birkin) and Dorian Gray (Duffy), with whom she had formed a duo called Skinvision , Manuela Gondolfo (Nebula).

« L » continues its atypical trajectory by collaborating with international producers, engineers and artists such as Carmen Rizzo in the USA (Coldplay, Seal, Michael Jackson, Alanis Morissette, Dido, Ryuichi Nakamoto – Furyo, City Of Angels). Macros Kuska Cunha in Brazil, Serge Morattel in Switzerland (Lofofora, Stevans), Martin Jacklin (Compte Vanilla, The Youg Gods), Joe Baamil (Pilote On Mars), Alenko, Valfeu in France (Desireless).

Through her visceral love for music, « L » like a messenger, sees in a transcendent and inspired way images filled with emotions, which she transmits not only through her voice and her music but also through the channels of painting and photography. On his abstract canvases, many dreamlike visions appear here and there bearing his heritage and realized by means of nomadic substances. Her creations radiate a subtly intense energy intended to interact between her bewitching universe and those who open to receive them.

« Music begins where the power ends words. »
Richard Wagner


R. L.