Derniers articles

L for Loubna …

A letter which is at the crossroads of the celestial and the terrestrial; verticality and horizontality. His music follows these same lines of flight. Physically, the sound rises, always, vertically to reach the secret and mysterious domain of the heavens and the gods. But it also vanishes horizontally, through sound vibrations.
Obviously. The concrete and the real intimately linked to the sacred. For the primary intention is intrinsically charged with love and peace. This same intention which defines song and music, profane or sacred. It doesn’t matter. For all intention is act. It remains and will persist.
Loubna sings, composes, writes, performs.
Loubna paints.
His voice carries, matches and reconciles. It infiltrates our flesh and knocks us down right into humanity. All of his compositions, analogue or electronic, uplift our souls and transport us as much as they lift us! Finally ! Here we are released. They transcend this primary reality to join, like curls of incense, infinite spirals of love and dizziness, this sacredness which renews the meaning of things and replays the origin as an antithesis of the chaos before creation.
Patrick Gilliéron Lopreno
Photographer, journalist, writer